Isaac Nkama


  • Foresight Strategist & Scenario Planner
  • Professional Business Consultant
  • Public Speaker for C-Suite Events
  • Africa Specialist

Isaac Nkama is a formally qualified Foresight Strategist/Professional Futurist and diversely educated and experienced executive. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Futures Studies and an MPhil in Futures Studies. He began his career in the motor industry and has held management, executive and board positions in the manufacturing, rail, technology, aviation and real estate sectors. He is a member of the Governing Board of Stellenbosch University’s Institute for Futures Research (IFR). This is the first and only Futures Institute of its kind in Africa. His strong passion for this field and the desire to use its technical forecasting methodologies and scientific techniques led him to take a study sabbatical during his business career in order to obtain formal qualifications in it.

He is also a long standing member of the National Governing Council of the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), Africa’s oldest and largest independent think-tank on international affairs and economic diplomacy.

He is an expert in analysing how various components of the future might unfold, and uses these possible outcomes to empower organisations and leaders with valuable and important global, continental and local insights. He combines Strategic Foresight/Futures Studies with his other qualifications, as well as business experience, in order to contextualise issues from a unique perspective that is both broad and interconnected.

Over the years, he has built high level business and political networks across the continent, and has also done extensive work in various sectors. He has also led several high level delegations of major corporations in exploring opportunities in various parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. His understanding of the continent is further enhanced by the benefit of having lived in different countries.

A global citizen with a world view on issues, he is both passionate and extremely knowledgeable about Africa and African affairs. Born in Zambia, Nkama attended primary school at the International School of Bonn, West Germany; secondary school at the International School of Lusaka, Zambia; and completed his high school at the International School of Lesotho.


He is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.