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Specialist on Africa

Navigating through Africa’s business environment.

Africa has its own unique dynamics and the possibility of misinterpreting the environment often leads to lost prospective opportunities. Experienced in both commercial work and consulting across sectors in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa for over two decades.

Strategic Insights on Africa

Strategic advice and insights on Africa.

Along with a high level political and commercial network, have a thorough understanding of the continent’s socio-economic environment. Combines these first-hand experiences with Strategic Foresight to assist clients with useful, practical and relevant insights.

Economic, Political & Socio-Economic Trends

Environmental changes are becoming more rapid.

As dynamics become more intricate, interpreting them becomes equally difficult. Applying futures skills is very useful in this context, and greatly contributes to the correct decision making.

Innovation & Future Trends

Future trends are not always obvious.

Trends and innovations that could be successful in the future are not always immediately obvious, and yet it is important to be able to anticipate these in advance.

Geopolitical & Macroeconomic Trends

Effectively interpreting tomorrow’s global events.

Strategic Foresight skills are important for the correct interpretation of what dynamics may emerge in the global geo-political space as complexities and unpredictability increase.

National Development Plans

It is possible to think long term without thinking strategically.

Refining, refocussing and improving NDP’s. Being the most important long-term plan of any government, the NDP has to capture everything that will be important in the future. It is possible to think long term, but without thinking strategically. The inclusion of key aspects of Strategic Foresight are central to the success of any good NDP.

Real Estate, Trends & Property Futures

Combining Real Estate and Strategic Foresight skills.

More than half of the world’s wealth is linked to real estate, making it the largest investment tool. Because of its importance as a portfolio, strategic projections and long-term analysis through the application of technical foresight skills is vital – and Foresight Africa Consulting possesses this rare combination of skills.

Understanding Tomorrow’s World

The world is becoming increasingly complex.

Global events and shifts in every aspect of the world are becoming more complex. The unpredictability makes understanding what may unfold in the future an even greater necessity in order to anticipate developments and plan accordingly.

Facilitation for Strategic Planning Sessions

Enhance the accuracy of your planning.

Strategic planning sessions sometimes miss out on what is most important for them in the future not because they do it deliberately, but simply because of the lack of scientific skills in the science of foresight.

Business & Corporate Strategy

Facilitating the formulation of new strategies or revising current ones.

Ensuring that key aspects of futures are included is important for the long-term relevance and success of business and company strategies.

Foresight Strategy Advice to Companies

Closed door sessions on what is relevant for your organisation’s future.

Boards and Exco’s are always faced with very difficult strategic decisions, and input that is relevant to your sector, as well as what environmental issues might affect your corporation are crucial to your planning.

Public Speaking

C-Suite, strategy and other key events.

Speaking events on topics and issues that are both of interest and relevance to your audience – touching on all aspects of the future that will make your event memorable.